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Fender Shortie

"The anti-street-soup mini fenders for your Onewheel™"

Modular Onewheel Pint Fender

The Onewheel Pint Fender with a personality, custom made to your specification

Portable EV Adapter

"The portable EV adapter is perfect for those big mileage road trips and lets you use any electric car charger (whatever plug type it is) to juice up and keep going."

AirTag® Snuggies (holders)

"Keep Your AirTag® safe and secure inside your Onewheel™ with an Airtag® Snuggie."

XLR Dust Cover Plug

"Made of a durable and flexible silicone, Onewheel Charger Plugs offer an extra layer of protection for your board and help prevent dust and debris from entering the charge port. Plus, in a pinch, they can double as board game pieces. Play on!"

Modular Onewheel™ Pint Fender

"The Onewheel™ Pint Fender with a personality, custom made to your specification"

Fender Nudgie

"Let your feet do the talking with Fender Nudgies for Onewheel™"

Bumper Boys

"Save your Onewheel™ from those big hits on the tricks and trails with Stoke Solutions Bumper Boys."
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