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GT40 Aluminum Protector

This is the kit we have been waiting so long for! Go out and shred it hard without having to worry about the cable snapping off, this will also protect your GT40's sidewall, along with the improved low profile connector, it will inspire a ton of confidence on the trail.
Extended Range

GT40 Cables

Replacement cables for your GT40 range extender battery
Extended Range


PMS for your GT40 range extender battery
Extended Range

GT40 XR Connection Kit

This kit is only required if you need to install GT40 on your XR.
Extended Range

GT40 Shredding Kit

Designed for hardcore shredder that takes GT40 to its extreme.
Extended Range

GT40 Range Extend Modification Kit

GT40 is a range booster that aims to extend the range on the onewheel pint and XR, it feeds power from an external battery pack into your main power lead in the front compartment of your board.
Extended Range
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