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Stone Cold Chillers - Aluminum CNC Heat Sinks for Onewheel GT

“Our new 6061 Aluminum CNC'd "Stone Cold Chillers" heat sinks lower your motor temps by 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit, in our testing. By using a thermal paste on the axle, a lot of heat is pulled from the motor's core.”

BASH Bumpers for Onewheel GT

“Molded from the same UHMW Plastic as the indestructible Fangs GT, BASH bumpers are so tough that they're impossible to break! You may wear down the plastic over time, but they won't break on you! From the toughest trails to the roughest streets, BASH bumpers are far and away the best bumpers you can get for your GT.”

Coaster, Protective Skid Plate for Pint and Pint X

"A tough and durable polycarbonate (think bulletproof glass) plate that fits perfectly over your Fangs for Pint or Pint X! At only 7mm thick, it still gives you more clearance over the stock Pint X bumper."
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